BPI Training

Greenergy NY is a BPI Training Center

Greenergy NY specializes in private training and testing services provided to those seeking BPI certifications including:
  • ​Building Analyst Professional
  • Envelope Professional
  • Heating Professional
  • Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Professional
  • Infiltration & Duct Leakage
  • Multifamily Building Analyst Professional
  • NREL Home Energy Professional
    • Energy Auditor​
    • Quality Control Inspector

Test Proctoring

Greenergy NY is an approved BPI test center.  Dates, times and locations of written and field exams are set by appointment. Please contact us to set one up.


Pursuing a BPI certification requires a significant investment in time, money and effort.  Employees need to take time off to attend classes.  If the closest available class is far away, employee travel expenses accrue.  Some students simply need an update; others start from scratch. When looking for a place to train, we at Greenergy NY urge students to research where they plan to invest their time and money.

Three questions to ask any training organization

We at Greenergy NY feel the decision of where to train makes a big difference in the candidate’s ability to pass BPI exams.  Following are three important questions to ask any organization:
  1. Will the class definitely run? – Several training organizations list classes that are cancelled if they do not have sufficient enrollment.  This often means an individual, who has cleared their schedule to attend a class, learns of a class cancellation a day or two before it is scheduled to start.
  2. Who is the instructor? – Some training organizations scramble to staff a class with whomever is available at the last minute.  A student should know in advance the qualifications of their instructor.  The quality of the instructor makes a big difference!
  3. What if I cannot attend all the classes? – Open enrollment classes do not offer students an opportunity to reschedule or make up missed classes

The Greenergy NY Difference

Where other large training organizations offer open enrollment classes at fixed times and locations, we at Greenergy NY focus on delivering a personalized training experience:​
  • Curriculum is tailored to the client’s needs and experience – we can modify our curricula to meet specific clients’ requirements.  For those who are already familiar with some concepts, we can provide accelerated classes, saving valuable employee time.
  • Flexible instruction dates, times and location – because we teach private classes, we come to the client at their convenience.
  • Norm is the instructor – all classes are taught by Norm Jen.
Norm has been teaching for over 8 years.  During this time, over 600 students have attended his BPI certification classes nationwide.  Norm teaches for the State University of New York and Suffolk County Community College networks.  Norm is a certified BPI test proctor.  He is also the Energy Coach for Energize New York.
Norm is a second-generation home builder, having overseen construction of over 200 homes in the New York area.
Norm holds an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.